Karen McCall - 2010-05-25

I would like support for Word 2010. Currently when I try to install the Save as Daisy add-in I get an error due to the compatibility pack…I htink it is included in Office 2010 so I can't install the older version.

I was able to use the Daisy Ribbon throughout the public beta but not with the shipping version of Office.

I wrote an article for Microsoft on the Acronym tool in the Daisy Ribbon assuming it was now included in Word 2010 since I uninstalled the add-in before installing the Office 2010 beta.

The article http://blogs.office.com/b/office_blog/archive/2010/05/20/new-accessibility-tools-in-word-2010-day-7-of-10-mvps-on-office-2010.aspx

I would also request the name of the Ribbon be changed to Daisy since Accessibility implies that the tools on that Ribbon would help document authors create more accessible Word documents.

I work with companies who need to make accessible documents for Section 508 in the US or AODA here in Ontario. Since the tools are Daisy based, calling the Ribbon Daisy would be less confusing and those of us who create Daisy books would know that this is the Ribbon to use….it would just lessen the confusion now that there is an accessibility checker in Office 2010.

Cheers, Karen