efx26 - 2010-07-19

Hi. I don't know the official forum so I'll post here. If this is not the correct forum please point me to the correct one and I will post there. I have now installed openxenmanager on both, Ubuntu 9.04 and 10.04. I am using a nas with cifs shars as the iso repository but when I try to start the vm for installation the manager freezes. I have also noticed that it will close on me when I try to change iso images in the storage under dvd drive. I think It was freezing in 9.04 because I later found I was missing one of the isos. I put that in there, and then tried with the other ubuntu iso, but the screen just freezes in 10.04 with the second iso. I am connected to the server and I can see the repository fine, but I can't install any vm.

As for the install, I just used the xcp iso to install on a machine. It only has one hard drive. That seems to have installed fine but I can't get anything to install with the openxenmanager. What else can I change if anything.  I'm just testing this but I'm stuck at this point. Thanks.