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.torrent to .xbe

  • André Correia Magalhăes Sousa

    Hi. Well, I've downloaded your Xbox emulator and it really looks nice. Now, I have a rom to use with it, but it is a .torrent termination, instead of .xbe .

    I was wondering, since I can't find that rom in .xbe termination, if you know some way of turning .torrent files to .xbe files. I'd appreciate it if you could help me with this.

    • paul irwin

      paul irwin - 2004-04-17

      wow. okay, torrent files are BitTorrent, you dont "convert" them to XBE. first you need to download the file using BitTorrent, which uses the torrent file. then, i have no idea what in the hell you're downloading, but if its a rom, you will need an xbox-compiled emulator. and openxdk is not an emulator. it allows you to compile programs for the xbox. focus, grasshopper. focus.

    • ravuya

      ravuya - 2004-10-12

      OpenXDK is not an XBox emulator, it is a development kit for the production of software for the XBox. Secondly, the .torrent file is a file that tells the BitTorrent client where and how to download (in your case, probably an illegal DVD image -- DON'T STEAL SOFTWARE).


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