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Very Early Stages of XBMC setup

  • Tekmav

    Tekmav - 2005-03-10

    ...and I literally mean 'early stages'.  Sure, I have an IT background, but it's been too long since I've compiled anything or the like.

    I have a modded Xbox (Evo), a PC on XP SP2, and my aim is to eventually install XBMC on my Xbox and have it link to my PC (like a fileserver) to play movies etc.

    I have downloaded OpenXDK after reading that I need this to compile the XBMC_src-v1.1.0, I downloaded recently.

    My issue(s) is... where do I even begin???  I am seeing all things through a 'MS Windows' perspective and when I don't see .exe's, I don't know what to do. 

    Some tell me that I require MS Visual Studio .Net to compile the C files in the source code.  Is that right?  Once I have this, do I use it to compile OpenXDK?  Or what is the order?

    From the Xbox side of things, I have managed to FTP into it and create myself a DIR under Apps.

    I am keen on learning and I really want to accomplish this task. 

    Kind regards,

    • James Gale

      James Gale - 2005-03-10

      Hi tekmav.

      It's been a while since i played with OpenXDK but i don't think it is your answer anyway as i think it's made with the xdk not openxdk.

      If you want to run XBMC your best bet would be to jump onto irc and check out #xboxemu
      Or maybe

      Sorry if they don't have the answer.  I don't have the program and haven't read much about it so i couldn't tell you for sure.

    • Tekmav

      Tekmav - 2005-03-11


      Well so far I have managed to get hold of an MSDN Visual Studio .Net and MS SDK for xbox, but it seems like an old version.  I've read that I require at least XDK 5848+, so I've come to another halt.

      I'll give IRC a go.

      I just hope that once I get the MS SDK for Xbox 5848 i'll be able to compile everything after configuring the appropriate files.

      thanks again.

      • James Gale

        James Gale - 2005-03-11

        I think if you find it on the irc link it will probably be an .xbe ready to go.

        I have been there a couple times and got some homebrew games (bomberman clone and such) and haven't had to build anything myself.

        But good luck either way :)


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