GCC compiling the samples?

  • Toastless

    Toastless - 2005-01-23

    I feel quite silly for asking this as I'm sure the solution will be very simple, I've been a C++ coder for years working on proper cube and ps2 devkits but hidden away from all the unix/cygwin side of compiling in favour of fancy GUIs :(

    Basically how exactly do I compile up the makefile provided with the latest versions samples? I've installed cygwin + GCC, autoconf, automake and bintools as required into /usr/local/ for simplicities sake. The brief guide assumes slightly more knowledge than I require of makefiles sadly so I'm a bit stumped.

    Any help would be much appreciated, I'm desperate to port the old spectrum game "Chaos" across, running it on a spectrum emulator with onscreen keyboard just isnt the same! Cheers!

    • Toastless

      Toastless - 2005-01-23

      Oh and I can get as far as "make clean", "make all" and get:

      make: i386-pc-xbox-gcc: command not found
      make: *** [comingsoon.o] error 127

      there dont seem to be any object files droppe out

    • Toastless

      Toastless - 2005-01-23

      Oh I meant to say I'd installed openxdk into the usr/local directory, in all honesty its 6am, I've been battling this for hours and losing!

    • xmGuruMuhk

      xmGuruMuhk - 2005-02-08

      Edit your makefile

      edit.com makefile

      and replace the
      CC = i386-pc-xbox-gcc
      CC = gcc


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