Simple 3D Question

  • Tom

    Tom - 2005-07-03

    OK I'm pretty sure that right now there's no 3D support in OpenXDK.  I'm also pretty sure it's planned.  So first I want to know if those two assumptions are correc?.  Second I was wondering what sort of 3D support it would be?  I assume OpenGL.  I'm not asking when just if.

    • t0m_

      t0m_ - 2005-07-04

      3d is more of a wish than a planned implementation, I'm afraid.  No one's reverse engineered how to interface with the GPU, the result being only official XDK compiled XBEs have 3d acceleration.

      That being said I hacked together a proof of concept port of Mesa, a software rendering GL library.  You can find it at:

      with example code here:

      I'm actually about to revisit this source and see what more I can do with it; expect a better release soon.

    • Andreas Umbach

      Andreas Umbach - 2005-11-25

      I'd be perfectly happy with Direct3D support too. Do the official XDK apps link D3D statically? Otherwise, getting Direct3D suport should be possible.

      - Andreas


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