OpenXDK install : build newlib

  • oley

    oley - 2004-10-07 return me the following error during newlib-1.12.0 make:
    ../../../../newlib/libc/argz/argz_add.c:13: error: parse error before "_DEFUN"
    ../../../../newlib/libc/argz/argz_add.c:13: error: parse error before '(' token

    i'm on the latest version of cygwin
    my OS is Win2000 SP4
    could you help me ?


    • Jesus Garcia

      Jesus Garcia - 2004-10-07

      I had the same problem. It looks like they made a new release this morning. OXDK 0.4.1. The binary package works fine.

    • Craig Edwards

      Craig Edwards - 2004-10-07

      As you say, there is a binary package available.  However, a few people have had this problem, so I am curious to see whether removing my hard-coded paths actually fixed the original problem.

      Looking at that file, it looks to be choking on the declaration error_t as the return type.  newlib plays lots of funny games with errno, so I am hoping that the problem is that it was looking for errno.h in my hard coded path.  Hopefully with the new release it should be looking in the right spot.  Please let me know.  Thanks.



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