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  • alheim

    alheim - 2004-10-25


    I'm a software engineer and I would really join you guys to enhance the OpenXDK.

    I would like to work on  LWIP TCP/IP network stack integration and then on a mail API.

    Final goal is to be able to develop an email client for Xbox....That's great :)

    Please answer me as quickly as possible. I'd like to begin working ASAP.

    • Craig Edwards

      Craig Edwards - 2004-10-25

      As I mentioned in a private email, before we implement LWIP (or any other stack), we need to get some low-level hardware drivers (like forcedeth).  If you can help in this regard, please give me a shout.


    • alheim

      alheim - 2004-10-26


      Are you sure that you need a network device driver to use LWIP ?

      Does the XBox load a network module during boot ? (microsoft dashboard or alternative one)
      ==> If yes, it's ok and should be recognize as a standard network interface for lwIP.

      Last point, did you think about SDL_Net ?
      This should be quite the same than lwIP but could avoid using many different low level API...Just a thought

    • Craig Edwards

      Craig Edwards - 2004-10-26

      You might want to have a quick read of the following:

      The net result is that the only functionality that the XBOX gives us is in the functions described at:

      There is no standard network interface (not that I know of, at least).  If we want to send data into/out of the xbox, we need to write code that manipulates the nvidia nforce chip registers (on a normal OS, this would be called a device driver, but XBOX doesn't have the notion of device drivers).

      SDL_Net is merely another layer built on top of existing Berkeley sockets (or Windows sockapi).  Before we can use SDL_Net, we need the low level stuff first.



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