Java Virtual Machine for XBOX!

  • Thierry Barnier

    Thierry Barnier - 2003-01-28

    Hello guys, Wouldn't it be great if we could port an opensource JVM over XBOX?

    • Hermann Seib

      Hermann Seib - 2003-02-13

      You _do_ know that this is a 64MB machine, do you?

    • Peter Centgraf

      Peter Centgraf - 2003-02-18

      It might make sense to port something more akin to the J2ME rather than the full J2SE.  It seems more appropriate, since we wouldn't have the support of a full windowing system on the XBox, unless someone also ported an X11 server.  At that point we'd be running headlong into the resource limits of the hardware.

      A goal that might be more achievable in the short term would be to port the "shared source" version of the .NET framework, codenamed Rotor.  It deliberately lacks windowing support in order to make it easier to port.  It could be very useful for writing command-line utilities or code modules.

    • Dan Dragut

      Dan Dragut - 2006-03-26

      Arakula, you might be surprised to know that I was running Azureus + JRE on my PII 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM till recently :-)


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