VIDIX driver for nVidia cards (src)

Not sure if you can this src use but pls checkout. I very much doubt that it supports 3D acceleration, but you could maybe use it to improve the normal (2D) graphics? or?

2003.10.05, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0pre2

MPlayer 1.0pre2 ChangeLog, Drivers:
VIDIX driver for nVidia cards

NVidia users are going to be pleased with our (rather Sascha Sommer's) newest breakthrough: the
nvidia_vid VIDIX driver. It is still in beta stage, but it is known to work on at least TNT2 and

You may or may not need to first initialize your card with the closed-source binary (?) XFree86
NVidia drivers.

If aye can give ye a hint: assuming you have an NVidia card, try playing a DIV3 (DivX 3.11) file
with the following commandline:

$ mplayer filename.avi -vc divxds -vo cvidix -vf format=uyvy

!!SPOILER!!: Yes, you'll experience REAL graphics video playing, on a REAL text console. Kinda
neat, eh?