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  • Cowled_Wolfe

    Cowled_Wolfe - 2004-04-08

    Hey guys, I'm a total newb, but please don't hold it against me. My main question is as follows: Can I use OpenXDK as-is to compile XBMP? If so, how?

    If not, could someone point me to a pre-compiled version of XBMP?

    Finally, any links or IRC chats you can point me to which can be of use in my quest for XBMP are appreciated. Alot.

    Thanks for putting up with a n00b... *Nervous about-to-be-flamed smile.*    :)

    • James Gale

      James Gale - 2004-04-08

      I doubt you will get it to compile the xbmp. 

      I'm pretty sure you can get hold of xbmp from in the tools section or from in the #xboxemu channel.

    • Cowled_Wolfe

      Cowled_Wolfe - 2004-04-10

      Thankyou very much. That IRC link led me right where I wanted to be, and what I wanted to find.


    • Darren Horrocks

      Darren Horrocks - 2004-05-17

      i have made a very simple dash with openXDK. and it is quite posible for anyone to make one


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