!I can help with the project!

  • dr-emuler

    dr-emuler - 2007-08-16

    Hello im Dr.Emuler!

    If somebody question and need some information of me please search in google....

    Sorry if my english is so bad, well what can a wait form Mexicans....

    Ok i make a patch of the program i not edit the source code
    I edit the lang and traduct to spanish

    Somebody are interested?

    O and im make others experiments in PSXEmulators

    I make 4 of PSX and im the inventor of G-Necro Mode

    Please search more information in: http://www.emulerlabs.iespana.es

    • dr-emuler

      dr-emuler - 2007-08-16

      To contact me please write to: stackedbushido@hotmail.com

      if you can please traduct your text to spanish


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