OpenXava 4.3.1 released

OpenXava is a framework to develop AJAX Java Enterprise/J2EE applications rapidly and easily. Allows you to define applications just with POJOs, JPA and Java annotations. Feature rich and flexible since it's used for years to create business applications with Java.

The 4.3.1 release contains the next fixes:

- Fix: Reference with @AsEmbedded read the referenced object if the id has some event associated.
- Fix: Dialogs do not work on IE9.
- Fix: Object not found when the id is inside a section.
- Fix: Parent entity is not injected in EntityValidor if the reference name does not match with the model name.
- Fix: Oracle 9 maximum open cursors exceeded.
- Fix: Exception on commit from a dialog disables the dialog and shows the error message in a hidden layer.
- Fix: After modifying a collection calculated values that depend on a not saved value are not correct.
- Fix: Loading in the View an embeddable with all the values null fails.
- Fix: setHidden() of View does not work for elements of subviews.
- Fix: Generating a PDF report from a collection inside a group fails.
- Fix: Custom ITreeViewReader is never selected.
- Fix: Redeploying in Liferay generates an ugly stacktrace about portlet title.
- Fix: i18n entry not recognized if it does not exist in the default language of the server machine.
- Fix: Exception saving entity with embeddable with read only members.
- Fix: Popup for dates is not shown from dialogs.

See the complete list in changelog:

You can download it from:

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Posted by Javier Paniza 2012-01-12

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