OpenXava 4.3 released

OpenXava is a framework to develop AJAX Java Enterprise/J2EE applications rapidly and easily. Allows you to define applications just with POJOs, JPA and Java annotations. Feature rich and flexible since it's used for years to create business applications with Java.

The 4.3 release contains the next new features and fixes:

New features:
- Total properties in collections.
- HtmlText editor now uses an embedded rich text editor instead of using a popup windows.
- New methods addWarning() and addInfo() in BaseAction to produce warning and info messages.
- It's possible to generate several reports from the same action by means of JasperMultipleReportBaseAction.
- New IMultipleForwardAction to do several forwards to several URIs from the same action.
- New SimpleHTMLReportAction to create reports from simple HTML templates.
- New SimpleTemplater class to process simple HTML templates.
- New getEntity() method in View class that returns the entity associated to the view.
- Groovy upgraded to 1.8.3.
- FCKEditor upgraded to CKEditor 3.6.2.
- When a constraint violation of JSR-303 has no property path its message is shown as is to the user.
- New property summationInList in to enable or disable the custom user summation in list and collections.
- OpenXava version info now is stored in a file.
- New methods assertPopupCount(), assertInfo(), assertWarning(), assertNoInfo(), assertNoWarning(), assertInfosCount(), assertWarningsCount() in ModuleTestBase.
- New method toList() in Strings.
- Commons Lang jar added to WEB-INF/lib.

- Fix: Links in HtmlEditors disappear using Firefox 3.6.
- Fix: In pages with several modules javascript code for editors is executed several times causing incorrect behavior.
- Fix: Customizing a collection in a module affects collections of the same element in all modules.
- Fix: PDF reports fail with summation of qualified properties.
- Fix: Validators defined in validators.xml of a project does not overwrite the built in ones.
- Fix: Closing prepared statements twice produces errors in JBoss.

See the complete list in changelog:

You can download it from:

More info:

Posted by Javier Paniza 2011-12-15

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