Javier Paniza - 2012-10-29

Now that OpenXava uses JPA for the list mode too, it easier to add DataNucleus as JPA provider to OpenXava. We only need a volunteer to do the work. Are you willing?

My opinion is that If you applications go against RDBMS there are no value for the final user add DataNucleus support and very little value for the application developer, given that they typical interact with Hibernate or DataNucleos using JPA API.
One interesting thing about DataNucleus is that they allow access to non-relational database, for me it would very intersting experiment with no RDBMS database, in fact I think that are not the ideal way of storing data for OO applications. It would be a dream for me to work with a OODBMS. Additionally, the use of map database as BigTable or SimpleDB is very popular. Unfortunately in the enviroment I move the customers want to store their data in the AS/400 and only in the AS/400. So, it's very difficult that a customer of the company I work for, ask me for a MongoDB application or so, and I already exhausted my free time.

If you are interested in add DataNucleus support tell me it before starting, because there are already an Argentinian company that are considering add MongoDB support to OX, and MongoDB and DataNucleus are related things, maybe you could collaborate.

On the other hand, if are customer of you requires to use a Non SQL database wit OX and you have no resources to add this support, I can add the datanucleus support for them, contact with me for a quote.