Call dialog box from TabBaseAction

  • Vadim Yezhakov

    Vadim Yezhakov - 2014-03-26


    I've get a challenge. Sometimes in my actions I need call dialog box to input some parameters for my action. On the wiki pages I've found how to do it in ViewBaseAction (show dialog, change model, close dialog). But I also need call such dialog box from TabBaseAction. Do anybody know the best common way to do it?

    Best regards,
    Vadim Yezhakov

  • Javier Paniza

    Javier Paniza - 2014-03-28

    Hi Vadim,

    which version of OpenXava are you using?

    Currently TabBaseAction extends ViewBaseAction, so you can show dialogs with no problems.

    If you're using an older OX version just extends ViewBaseAction and inject tab in your action:

    public class MyTabActionWithDialog extends ViewBaseAction {
        private Tab tab;
        public void execute() {
            // Here you can show dialogs
            // and use tab to manager the tabular data

    Help others in this forum as I help you.

  • Vadim Yezhakov

    Vadim Yezhakov - 2014-04-01

    Hi Javi,

    Thank You for your help.


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