Impossible to generate db table for an entity with 2 instances of an embedded class

  • Marc

    Marc - 2013-08-04

    I have the following situation:

    A customer has 2 addresses: an invoice address and a shipping address.
    The entity Customer has 2 embedded addresses.
    The problem however is that for the second address, no database fields are generated. I am using automatic database generation from within eclipse (I run ant with update schema).
    When I drop the shipping address and only keep the invoice address, everything works fine. But with the shipping address, I get errors and I observe the database has not been generated properly.
    Can I work around this somehow?

  • Javier Paniza

    Javier Paniza - 2013-08-06

    Hi Marc,

    use @AttributeOverride for one of your embedded:

    public EmploymentPeriod getEmploymentPeriod() { ... }

    Have a look at the section 11.1.14 of the JPA2 specification.

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