Girish - 2013-03-12

I am Building one application and in this I need to call a servlet from .jsp file with some fields so tat , servlet can connect to database and validate (basically login validate system) and tat servlet should call another module relevant to tat validated data from tat servlet( Page designed for tat particular user)

So to do this I
1. I edited the application.xml and added the code which is der in

  1. Created the folder custom-jsp in web directory
  2. Created the file seller.jsp in custom-jsp folder which accepts username and password and password

am able to run the .jsp file by the url " http://localhost:8080/Invoicing/custom-jsp/seller.jsp "
Now i want to define one servlet in front of action in .jsp file so tat it can call that servlet to validate

How to do it.. Help me