XavaPro 5.0.1 released

  • cjribera

    cjribera - 2014-08-30

    Hi Javier

    When I try to download OX 5.0.1 from www.openxava.org, it redirects me to a download form, but I'm already registered (when I downloaded a former OX version), so it will say that it's a duplicate email address.

    How can I download the latest versions, without being forced to use a different email account?

    Thanks in advance for any hint.

    Last edit: cjribera 2014-08-30
  • cjribera

    cjribera - 2014-09-01

    Hi Federico, I don´t find the "no thanks" stuff, I attach the screenshot of the download form, where I have no option, but to provide a different email address.

  • Javier Paniza

    Javier Paniza - 2014-09-01

    Hi CJ,

    if you're already subscribed you should receive an email with the link to download OpenXava any time a new version is released, maybe you have those emails in the spam folder. Have a look.

    Anyways, you can download OpenXava directly from SourceForge:

    Indeed in the openxava.org/downloads you have a link to the sourceforge page to download OpenXava without subscribing.



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