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module_name_missing problem

  • nikos lianeris

    nikos lianeris - 2013-10-21

    Hi all I have successfully developed an application with openxava but a strange problem occurred after deploying the application in the production server.If I try to send a request to an openxava url (to login,to see a module etc) I get Incomplete URL: You have to specify a module name after ''modules'' .I saw ModuleServlet and noticed that this message means that uri array's length is less than 4.Since the application is the root application on the server and as a result openxava's urls will be and not,how can this problem be solved?
    Thanks in advance for your time

  • Javier Paniza

    Javier Paniza - 2013-10-23

    Hi Nikos,

    one solution is not to install your OpenXava application in ROOT, and put in root a index.jsp to redirect to your application.

    If you want to use the / all the time, write your own servlet, you can copy and paste ModuleServlet and do the needed modification. You will also to add your servelt to servlets.xml.

    Help others in this forum as I help you.


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