#44 Selecting resources from a dropdown list (maybe multiselect)


If I want to add a resource to a task, I have to doubleclick the task, click on the Resources tab, then doubleclick the desired resource to add, then click OK to finish the assignment. This makes the resource management almost useless, painful, I rather chose not to manage the resources in the Open Workbench - simply not worth fight through myself this clickfest (not even in a relatively small, 300+ task list). The most desired behaviour would be going to the Resource Assignment, click the ResourceID field in a task's row then start typing the desired ID, a dropdown list appears with the filtered names, a simple ENTER inserts the highlighted resource. An additional generous feature would be if I enter a "," after the already selected resource, then start typing again, the dropdown list appears again... you know.


  • Tibor Pongrácz

    Tibor Pongrácz - 2007-05-21
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    For your help. You also can clic 1 time on the task, then right clic and affectation. You are directly on the good tab.


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