Post-CA Open Source Status

  • Syncbyte

    Syncbyte - 2005-12-18


    The sourceforge site provides the source code up to 1.1. However, on the site version 1.1.3 has been released in binary format, apparently with no source code. Is Open Workbench still open source?


    • Dan Dumbrill

      Dan Dumbrill - 2005-12-19

      Yes, it is still open source and you are correct we never posted the source for 1.1.3 but the 1.1.4 source and binaries should be released very soon.

    • Syncbyte

      Syncbyte - 2005-12-20

      Thanks. I see 1.1.4 is out there. I jumped in a day too early!

      I understand that CA still owns the scheduling algorithms, these are not open.

      Is there an effort to build an open source replacement to the scheduling algorithms?

      Are there actually any independent (non-employees) actively working on OWB?



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