Polish translation

  • Jacek Czernuszenko

    Hi there,

    As Eduardo is interested in Spanish translation, I am willing to work on Polish translation.

    BTW: Is there any chance to change product name to Open Project instead of Open Workbench? :-)

    Dan - could you send me more info about translation possibilities?


    • Dan Dumbrill

      Dan Dumbrill - 2005-02-10


      There is a group working on some documentation and some changes that should make it easier for developers and non-developers to add different language translations to OWB.  As with any Open Source project nothing is guaranteed but I don't think it will be very long before the changes are offered to the community.

    • Michal Jasinski

      Michal Jasinski - 2005-07-14

      Dan, Jacek,

      now you have a second volunteer to support the Polish translation of the OpenWorkbench :). I am starting to use the tool with educational projects at my university. Polish translation would be quite useful here, actually.

      Best regards,



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