Joe Rattz - 2007-06-08

I am a developer in a Clarity/Open Workbench environment.  My group is looking at implementing a front-end to tie together multiple systems; Remedy, Clarity/Open Workbench, and our own internal bug tracking database.  I am interested in the best approach to interface with Clarity/Open Workbench.

Would I really need to interface with Clarity, or Open Workbench?  Since I don't know how they are integrated, I am not sure which I should be interfacing with.

Depending on which of those I should be interfacing with, should I directly hit their database, or is there an API that would be better for this purpose?

At this point, I really don't have a lot of requirements.  Clarity/Open Workbench is "owned" by another group here, and they haven't been so open in the past with the details.  So, I don't really know how feasible this is technically or politically.  I don't want to get the political problems resolved only to find out it technically isn't feasible.  So, I am looking for guidance at this point without knowing exactly what we want to do.  Here is what I know so far.

I need to be able to create a task, post hours against it, update fields in it, close it, etc.  Additionally, I need to be able to create reports from the data.

Any have any recommendations where to start?  Is this feasible?