Problem with the EAC field in views

  • rogerinsc

    rogerinsc - 2007-05-17

    I'm pretty sure this is a set up issue.  Either that or my laptop cannot add or multiply.  I am trying to use the EAC field in some of my views.  EAC is actuals + ETC x billing rate.  I cannot get the EAC to show in any view I have created or added it to.  I can go to other laptops in the company and it shows as it should.  It will not work on my laptop.  We are using OWB in conjunction with Clarity and as I said, the EAC field is working on all other computers I log into except mine.  I am using OWB 1.1.4 and I have installed it twice.  Any ideas?

    • Dan Dumbrill

      Dan Dumbrill - 2007-05-17

      Please repost your question on the site.  These forums are targeted towards programming and building Open Workbench.  Thanks.


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