chip - 2011-12-29

hey people

So I have a little problem with the two programs and I hope someone can help me here.
If I use the Open Workbench program create a plan and then want to open it in MS Project (according to descriptions by. XML compatible) is displayed with an error message and nothing appears to me.
other way (MS Project -> Open Workbench) it works beautifully.

The error message reads:

Unexpected error when executing the command.
Do any of the following measures:

-Make sure that all argument names and values ​​are correct and the appropriate type.
-You may have too little memory. Close unnecessary
Progrmme, projects, or windows to free up available memory.

This may not be familiar with memory, which is enough for the present program ..

Only the first Statement, I mean very much.
Maybe someone can help me?