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Help with compiling

  • Christopher Mann


    I'm rearing up and ready to compile Open Workbench with the new Roguewave libraries (I'm preparing a purchase order).

    I'm really scared about buy the necessary licences and not being able to compile the software after that.  Would (some)one of the core developpers be there to give me a hand when I'll need it ?



    • chris snow

      chris snow - 2008-01-07

      Speak to roguewave prior to making a purchase and you may be able to negotiate access to the older (discontinued) versions of roguewave that you need to compile openworkbench.  I wouldn't like to try compiling with the latest and greatest version of roguewave.

    • Christopher Mann

      In order to get the old version of Rogue Wave, I need to first order the new, and then arrange something with them for the old librairies.  The new ones would be better anyway if we can update the software.  Does anyone know anyone who would have the licence already ?

      If I purchase the license, is it technically possible, while respecting the Rogue Wave license agreement, to compile part of Open Workbench with the librairies and leave the other part modifiable by everyone ?

      More explicitely : I would like to treat the Roguewave librairies as a compiled binary.  In order to do so would imply that only those who have the necessary licenses can change the IHM.


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