Platform independance

  • martin-jonik

    martin-jonik - 2006-02-07

    I am a java programmer working within an open source java project (using CVS) in the Netbeans IDE. We wish to remain platform independent. However, when downloading the application, the prerequisite states that I must have Visual Studio 2003, does this mean that we are no-longer going to be platform independent? I suspect not but I must ask!

    In any event, I would like to export data into the Open workbench tool. As such I am interested in building up the XML structure by accessing to the open workbench data objects. Do I need Visual Studio even if I am only intending on using the data objects and not adding to the open source core open workbench functionality?

    Finally, I guess I was expecting to download a .jar file which contains the data objects for me to play with. Does this come when we purchase the Toolkit and Grid object components from Rogue Wave?

    Currently I am wishing to identify any issues before committing to use the product.
    I really appreciate any help anyone can provide to get me going here.

    Best Regards

    Martin Jonik

    • Dan Dumbrill

      Dan Dumbrill - 2006-02-08

      Platform independance would be nice but the current and previous incarnations of this product are not platform independent.  As more developers gain an interest in the product I expect it will move in a platform independent direction.

      With regards to your other questions, the native & XML persistence layers are written in Java.  In fact, I beleive another developer has created a shell around these persistence layers to create at least one other file format.  I'm sorry I don't have more details on who it was or what the new format is.  Maybe they will respond to your post.  So the short answer is: If you need to build and debug the entire product the 3rd party tools are necessary but if you only want to play with the persistence then all you need is a JDK.


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