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New layour of views

Uploaded a new screenshot of the new style and layout for review

Posted by Tina Russell 2010-08-16

DB adé, welcome to the Cloud

Someone interested to implement an JPA Provider that is able to access something like a Amazon EC2/CloudTools/CloudFoundry, whatever? Lets discuss. Would be create to persist data not only in a traditional db, furthermore in the Cloud or GigaSpaces or something like this...

Posted by Heiko Scherrer 2009-12-10

(!) Stopped further development on JSF Richfaces branch

because also this is not the right technology for fast UI within a warehouse managment! Until now OpenWMS is built on Spring and Adobe Flex. OSGi would be integrated in a second step ...

Posted by Heiko Scherrer 2009-05-18

(!) Stopped further development on JEE branch

cause the Spring framework fits better into architecture and hit our requirements ;-) blablabla .. which requirements?? Has someone an idea?

Posted by Heiko Scherrer 2009-05-18

Started building client webapp on Adobe Flex technology

Started a new client subproject on Adobe Flex technology. Using GraniteDS as ViewObject builder and service factory. Runnable without Spring's BladeDS support and without BladeDS Server! Right now it is possible to fetch data from backend services.

Posted by Heiko Scherrer 2009-04-29

Added support for Spring DM, OSGi-fied jars

All built jar files are at now also built as OSGi-fied jars. Runnable and tested in an Eclipse Equinox environment.

Posted by Heiko Scherrer 2009-04-29

No integration tests with dbUnit so far

Have a look at the result of FR 2095321, in short:
+ dbUnit tests integrate well in Spring
- because of a complex database schema with check and unique constraints, it is very difficult and circuitous to setup test data. So that should not be the way to do. It seems to be to much effort to maintain the test cases. So dbUnit died so far.

Posted by Heiko Scherrer 2008-09-05

1st stakeholder meeting - Who is who?

some points of discussion of the first stakeholder meeting tonight.... Have a closer look at

Posted by Heiko Scherrer 2008-08-28

Using Mylyn to access the project tracker

Tonight the project was enriched with Mylyn nature, hence it is possible to access the Sourceforge Tracker by using Mylyns Web Connector described in see the Wiki for more details.

Posted by Heiko Scherrer 2008-08-26


Decided to use the Spring Framework instead of JEE (finally :-)

Posted by Heiko Scherrer 2008-06-29