L. John Ribar - 2002-07-17

Please let me know if you have a feeling on this request.

I think we have narrowed the initial release platform down to three choices.  I have my preference (#1), but I think that the other two are very valid, and hope to get some feedback.

1. Zope (visit www.zope.org). Web application server.  Enhanced DHTML, DB interface, multi-server capability, enhance with Python or Perl (or others), very stable and good development community.  SIMPLE TO INSTALL!

2. Java, Cocoon, Tomcat and related technologies ("JCT" below).  This is the high-end approach, XML to start.  Zope can do the same things, but there is a lot of support for this combination, plus Ant (for automated testing), etc.  This is much more difficult to install, I think, especially for the non-computer-whiz.  But if we write a good installer script, we can overcome that.

3. Start with Zope as the simpler, base unit, and then expand to the JCT version later as more people are around to enhance the development.  Zope will be easier to get started, and should be able to handle anything we'd like to do, but the JCT combo might be easier to push through a budget committee... 

I like 1 or 3, as you might guess, and I will probably start with Zope in any case to begin building a demo/initial install, even if we decide to move it to JCT in the long run.

Please let me know your thoughts.