How about little bricks?

  • Daniel Ruoso

    Daniel Ruoso - 2002-04-24


    After looking for warehouse software, i Finally found openwms at sourceforge.

    Well, what do I mean with "little bricks"?

    How about the openwms being a huge project holding several subprojects that intercommunicate each other  to implement all the functionality?

    I'm suggesting this because I'm interested in one part of openwms, that is just managing what is in the warehouse and where. I don't need all the control that is in the specification, but i do know that other people will need. So, what do you think?

    • L. John Ribar

      L. John Ribar - 2002-04-24

      I think that is an excellent plan.  The main thing we all need in common is data.  The inventory management project makes sure that there is always enough product to fill orders, based on usage, etc.  The inventory control project takes the current inventory and list of orders and breaks tham up to areas to be filled.  etc. etc.

      Each of these operates independently (at least to some extent) in the real warehouse, so there is no reason that it can't happen as well here in the virtual world.

      Do you have any ideas of a breakdown, other than the parts you mentioned?  At least, what would you want/expect in the package you need?  If we start with yours, we can then start to break the rest down as well.  And of course, we develop as the need arises or fits in best with the flow through the warehouse...


    • Daniel Ruoso

      Daniel Ruoso - 2002-04-24

      I think it's something like this. Maybe I can help in the "inside warehouse" subproject which receives messages of in/out... you say it... I don't know all the ideas you have...


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