#127 How to add Support more Flash chip???

jtag (93)

My board used Intel IXP425, but Jtag_0.5.1 do not
support my flash chip.
How to add Support more Flash chip???
help me........


  • ameziti

    ameziti - 2006-06-04

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    I will not give here the answers but just the we to do the

    Theres three category of things you have to consider:

    1- the part wich contain the jtag port (processor, fpga..)
    2- the flash memory you want to flash (amd, intel, atmel..)
    3- the bus wich indicate how the part and the flash are
    connected together on your card.

    Use the patches that are on the site as exemples to
    inderstand how to do your job.


    1- for the part (processor) with jtag:
    -have a look at the patch 1173994 for the IBM PPC405EP
    - you will need bsdl file of your processor and use
    - bsdl2jtag to transform your file
    - he add a directory jtag-0.5.1/data/ibm
    - add and modify same files... look at the patch
    - understand what that mean and do the same think

    2- you have to add your flash :
    - have a look at the patch 1281666 for the Am29LV040B
    - he modify the jtag-0.5.1/libbrux/flash/amd.c file
    - he modify the jtag-0.5.1/libbrux/flash/jedec.c
    - understand what that mean and do the same think

    3 - you have to add your bus (interconnexion card) betwin
    the processor and the flash
    - look at the second party of the patch 1173994 where
    begin at line 756 with jtag-0.5.1.orig/src/bus
    - you have to modify this directory files buses.h buses.c
    - writing and adding your own bus description ixp425.c
    (look at the examples to understand what to do)

    You have also to understand
    - the architecture of the jtag-0.5.1 project
    - how to modify makefiles
    - to install the ioperm-0.4 for managing the parallel port
    - to install the include-0.4.2 wich contains the *.h files
    - to install cygwin (if you work under windows) with
    developpement pack which contain debug module
    - prefer a fast and quick PC for not to wast the time
    during compilation
    - perhaps an logic analyser for debugging your hardware

    I took about 1 month (during wasting time) to understand
    all of this things and do it for flashing
    an AT49BV322A atmel flash
    with the spartan 3 xc3s1500 xilinx fpga
    on the DS-BD-3S1500MB-FG676 memec card

    good work

    Abdallah MEZITI

  • Marcel Telka

    Marcel Telka - 2011-07-08
    • status: open --> closed
  • Marcel Telka

    Marcel Telka - 2011-07-08

    The openwince project is no longer active.

    If this report is related to JTAG Tools, please try UrJTAG at http://urjtag.sourceforge.net/


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