#117 Writemem command to write to SRAM

jtag (93)

New command to write to SRAM memory areas using a
file. Useful for debugging/testing of hardware. Intended
for use in environments where no hardware debugger is
available (typically FPGA boards without internal CPU),
and poke commands become to tedious.

Diff relative to the cvs version of 2005-07-30.

Tested on the SLS UP3 board.


  • Kent Palmkvist

    Kent Palmkvist - 2005-08-01

    Patch to add writemem command

  • Marcel Telka

    Marcel Telka - 2011-07-08

    The openwince project is no longer active.

    If this report is related to JTAG Tools, please try UrJTAG at http://urjtag.sourceforge.net/

  • Marcel Telka

    Marcel Telka - 2011-07-08
    • status: open --> closed

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