Intel PXA2x0 drivers 0.2.4 released

This is a driver collection for Intel PXA2x0 processor family (it includes PXA210, PXA250, PXA255, PXA260, PXA261, PXA262, and PXA263) for Windows CE.

This package is intended primarily for BSP programmers and it is designed with care of strict separation board specific code (they are not a part of this package) from common PXA2x0 related stuff which forms this package content.

Changes since 0.2.3 release:
* Fixed data abort when USB cable is insert in power up time. (Daniel Samek)
* Turn off all functions in ac97 driver in PowerDown function. (Daniel Samek)
* Removed unused secondary audio codec settings. (Daniel Samek)
* In MMC card driver added used GPIO's reseting on device deinitalization. (Juraj Fabo)
* Added szProcessorName setting to IOCTL_PROCESSOR_INFORMATION. (Daniel Samek)
* Added support for setting PLATFORMTYPE & OEMINFO. (Daniel Samek)
* Fixed bad USB driver behaviour, when USB cable is inserted in boot time. (Daniel Samek)
* Added support for IrDA for uart driver. (Juraj Fabo)


Marcel Telka

Posted by Marcel Telka 2003-08-25

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