include 0.3 released

include is a collection of the useful independent include files for C/Assembler developers. Released under BSD-style license.

Changes since 0.2.3 release:
* Changes in PXA2x0 support:
- added support for Intel PXA255 processor
- replaced PXA2X0_NOPXA26X conditional directive with PXA2X0_NOPXA255 and PXA2X0_NOPXA260 directives to remove support for PXA255 and above (PXA2X0_NOPXA255) or PXA260 and above (PXA2X0_NOPXA260) processor features
- added CCCR_M_4 multiplier for PXA255 and above
- added new register UDCCFR for PXA255 and above
* Added ARM System Control Coprocessor Register 1 (Control Register) bits.
* Added brux common headers.
* Replaced static stdint.h with autogenerated one for POSIX environments.


Marcel Telka

Posted by Marcel Telka 2003-08-19

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