#40 Cable comand -can`t select JTAG

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I download Cygwin and JTAG tools 0.5.1 ver
I succesfull comile and run this tools under Cygwin

Next step is runing

jtag> cable parallel 0x378 ByteBlaster
Unknown connection type: parallel

I got very strange answer

After this i try to find this place in sources
file .\src\cmd\cable.c
48 string
/* search connection type driver */
for (i = 0; parport_drivers[i]; i++)
if (strcmp( params[1], parport_drivers[i]->type ) == 0)
if (!parport_drivers[i]) {
printf( _("Unknown connection type: %s\n"), params[1] );
return 1;

And after debuging i find that parport_drivers[i] always zero !
So it's no matter what i write in command line

On Next step i try to understand why parport_drivers[i] is zero

and find in file

#if defined(HAVE_IOPERM) || defined(HAVE_I386_SET_IOPERM)
extern parport_driver_t direct_parport_driver;
#endif /* defined(HAVE_IOPERM) || defined(HAVE_I386_SET_IOPERM) */

and after debuging i guess than
constants HAVE_I386_SET_IOPERM and HAVE_IOPERM are not definded

I try to defind they manualy in and project after that trow errors in compilation.

So i make conclusion that something wrong with Cygwin.
May be some package is not installed - i don't know what to think.


  • Marcel Telka

    Marcel Telka - 2011-07-08

    The openwince project is no longer active.

    If this report is related to JTAG Tools, please try UrJTAG at http://urjtag.sourceforge.net/

  • Marcel Telka

    Marcel Telka - 2011-07-08
    • status: open --> closed

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