OpenWFE 1.6.1 released

OpenWFE 1.6.1 is nicknamed the 'POOL release'.

OpenWFE process definition language is now called POOL (Process Oriented OpenWFE Lisp/Language). A bunch of new expressions (xeme expressions) justify this name. Pool brings expressions like 'car', 'cdr', 'nth'... They are useful for writing self defining process definitions and for manipulating XML data.
POOL is totally 'programmable'.

Two important services got added to the engine itself : a libraryService and a cronService. The first is useful for storing definitions (expressions) available for any workflow instances. The second adds a scheduling service to OpenWFE engines.

For instance, this first release of the file etc/engine/library.xml contains a 'cursor' expression (process definition), that is a kind of sequence you can navigate backward and forward.

Christelle Heritier (as part of her master thesis work) enhanced the webservice invocation service, thus removing the need for the configuration file ws-param-map.xml. She also implemented the worklist interface as a SOAP webservice.

Optaros ( sponsored the move to Jetty 5.1.6.

Lots of droflo bugs got fixed.

Care was taken for the documentation to follow all of those changes.

Thanks to the community for its feedback.

Posted by John Mettraux 2005-12-05

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