Congratulatios, and some ideas

  • Yampoo

    Yampoo - 2006-02-05


    Congratulations for OpenWebSpider. This spider is the "angular rock" of my new project (airfind, a new search engine). I am very interested with your project. Nowadays, I am programming in a "language analyzer", I have a similar system in other project in PHP, and it can to detect differents languages how: spanish, english, italian, catalan, french, portuguese... and now I want to do this system for OpenWebSpider. If the system function good, I will be happy to share with you.

    • Stefano Alimonti

      thanks for the congratulations! :-)

      <quote>I will be happy to share with you</quote>...and I'll be very happy to include it in this project! So fell free to email me at shen139 (at) openwebspider [dot] org ! This system could be very useful and I'm very interested in it! :)


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