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Name changed to OpenWebLoad

Apparently has trademarked the name OpenLoad, so the project has been renamed to OpenWebLoad.

Posted by Pelle Johnsen 2005-12-06

Ver. 0.1.2 win32 released

Now 0.1.2 is also available for win32.

Posted by Pelle Johnsen 2001-06-27

Ver. 0.1.2 linux released

This release includes new command line parameters for:
-Test mode displaying the HTTP response
-Time limit
-Specifying request headers
-CSV (Comma seperated Values) output

The win32 release will follow soon

Posted by Pelle Johnsen 2001-06-27

Ver. 0.1.1 Released

0.1.1 is now available for Linux and Win32

Posted by Pelle Johnsen 2001-03-27

kdoc class documentation added

The homepage now also contains class documentation generated using kdoc. Currently only CTcpSock is properly commented. See

Posted by Pelle Johnsen 2001-03-14