• Peter C. Chapin

    Peter C. Chapin - 2014-02-20

    These forums seemed a bit lonely so I thought I would post an introduction to get things started. I was a heavy user of the Watcom compilers in the 1990s and got involved in the Open Watcom project around 2002 (or was it 2003?). My main area of interest has been, and continues to be, the C++ compiler and library. Virtually all of my code contributions have been toward developing a reasonably standard STL for Open Watcom.

    For a while I was the maintainer of the Open Watcom project and managed the releases from version 1.7 through 1.9. In recent years, due to other obligations, I've been much less active than I was. However, Jiri's excellent work on this fork of the original project is encouraging me to get involved again. I hope I can find time to help push Open Watcom forward.

  • tim

    tim - 2014-02-22

    A good name to see here.

  • Alexander Misel

    Alexander Misel - 2014-07-27

    I am wondering how often does the project build. I tried to configure and build it with my Visual Studio 2008, but some errors stopped the process. I am using OpenWatcom C/C++ Compiler every day, combined with Code::Blocks svn build on Windows. And I like it very much.

  • Anonymous - 2014-10-08


    I'd like to use the Open Watcom C++ compiler (any working flavor or fork) to build for DOS. However, it seems there hasn't been much activity in any of the forks lately.

    Is OW dead?

    • Jiri Malak

      Jiri Malak - 2015-01-23

      Sorry for delay, I have had incorrect setup for notification about new topic.

      This OW fork is developed on GitHub and mirror to SourceForge. You can build current version from source code. OW Fork is still in beta phase, that it can be unstable. Time-to-time I create new distribution/installers after some testing and put it to SourceForge. Yes, it is long time when I last update distribution files/Installers on SourceForge. I hope I will do it during one month again.

  • dflory

    dflory - 2015-10-03

    I wanted to thank all the contributors to the OpenWatcom projects. I'm a hobby programmer who upgraded from QuickC to Watcom 9 in the early '90s, and have never found a compiler and toolset that I liked so much. I was very glad that Sybase released the source and documentation of this classic software.
    I was afraid that the OpenWatcom project had died after version 1.9, so thanks for reviving it in this fork.
    The only suggestion I'm qualified to make is that you expand the project description to summarize your progress and goals for newcomers. I hope that OpenWatcom becomes more widely known, since I think it's ideal for either learning C with the K&R text, or doing non-GUI programming in general.

    Last edit: dflory 2015-10-03
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    Anonymous - 2016-07-06


    I'm richard, I downloaded watcom from the installation page, saw a lot of files being downloaded from the sourceforge site but don't know where they wer put. Can any body assist me? I run 64b Linux Ubuntu.



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