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OpenVRML 0.16.3

OpenVRML 0.16.3 has been released. Several bugs in openvrml-gtkplug (used by the Mozilla plug-in) have been fixed. The Mozilla plug-in now registers itself as a handler for model/x3d+vrml. Also, problems compiling on Mac OS X PPC and on Windows using Visual C++ 8.0 Service Pack 1 have been addressed.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2006-12-31

OpenVRML 0.16.2

OpenVRML 0.16.2 has been released. This release includes improvements to error feedback from the parser as well as build system fixes.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2006-11-30

OpenVRML in Fedora Extras

OpenVRML 0.16.1 is now available in Fedora Extras, starting with Fedora Core 6.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2006-11-24

OpenVRML 0.16.1

OpenVRML 0.16.1 has been released. In this release the Mozilla plug-in backend has been reconstituted as openvrml-gtkplug, a reusable out-of-process GTK+ VRML browser component. XPCOM usage has been removed from the Mozilla plug-in, which should allow it to work in any browser that supports NPAPI and XEmbed plug-ins. Basic rendering of Text nodes now works on Windows. A number of problems with the build system were also addressed.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2006-10-28

OpenVRML 0.16.0

OpenVRML 0.16.0 has been released. This release features the addition of a user-extensible I/O subsystem based on the standard C++ IOStreams. OpenVRML now asynchronously loads network resources and progressively renders PNG and JPEG images. Support for nonnative EXTERNPROTOs has been added, including asynchronous loading of EXTERNPROTO implementations. Also, OpenVRML can now construct scene graphs for Classic VRML-encoded X3D. The Mozilla plug-in now uses the Web browser for resource fetching, allowing the plug-in to take advantage of the browser's cache.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2006-08-12

OpenVRML 0.15.9

OpenVRML 0.15.9 has been released. This release includes further improvements to 64-bit cleanliness in the code.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2005-07-07

OpenVRML 0.15.8

OpenVRML 0.15.8 has been released. Changes in this release include a fix for background rendering and more fixes to make the --disable-mozilla-plugin configure option work as advertised.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2005-06-06

OpenVRML 0.15.7

OpenVRML 0.15.7 has been released. This release includes 64-bit cleanliness fixes to the Mozilla plug-in, fixes to the --disable-mozilla-plugin configure option, and a change from DejaGnu to GNU Autotest for testing.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2005-04-20

OpenVRML 0.15.6

OpenVRML 0.15.6 has been released. This release includes build fixes to find the Mozilla headers more reliably, fixes to the behavior of the openvrml::find_interface function, a fix to a crash resulting from malformed UTF-8 in a Text node, and a fix to a problem parsing rotation values.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2005-01-27

OpenVRML 0.15.5

OpenVRML 0.15.5 has been released. The Mozilla plug-in now runs in a separate process in this release.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2005-01-10

OpenVRML 0.15.4

OpenVRML 0.15.4 has been released. This release features primarily a change in the way the Mozilla plug-in uses GtkGLExt.
It should not differ functionally from the previous release.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2004-12-30

OpenVRML 0.15.3

OpenVRML 0.15.3 has been released. GtkGLExt is now incorporated into the distribution in this release; and the problem with reloading the Mozilla plug-in has been fixed. Also, the plug-in now handles relative URLs in Web pages. The crash when built with Microsoft Visual C++ in the Release configuration has been fixed as well, along with a few other minor bugs.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2004-12-25

OpenVRML 0.15.2

OpenVRML 0.15.2 has been released. The tests are now optionally built in this release; and a few minor bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2004-12-03

OpenVRML build for Fink

Thanks to Philip Lamb, OpenVRML can now be built using the Fink package manager for Mac OS X.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2004-12-03

OpenVRML 0.15.1

OpenVRML 0.15.1 has been released. This release addresses problems compiling with Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 that crept in just before the previous release.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2004-11-27

OpenVRML 0.15.0

OpenVRML 0.15.0 has been released. This release features a dramatically improved event propagation system and introduces a Mozilla plug-in. Also, lookat now uses SDL instead of GLUT.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2004-11-27

OpenVRML 0.14.3

OpenVRML 0.14.3 has been released. This release includes minor bug fixes and improvements to build on Mac OS X. The OpenVRML project is building a portable Free (LGPL) VRML browser. The goal for the 1.0 release is full VRML97 spec compliance.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2003-11-20

OpenVRML 0.14.2

OpenVRML 0.14.2 has been released. A few crash-inducing bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2003-10-20

OpenVRML 0.14.1

OpenVRML 0.14.1 fixes an assertion failure caused by an error in the computation of the floating point rounding error tolerance.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2003-09-30

OpenVRML 0.14.0

OpenVRML 0.14.0 has been released. Various bugs have been fixed, and this release changes the identifier naming convention to match that of the C++ standard library.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2003-09-29

OpenVRML 0.13.0

OpenVRML 0.13.0 has been released.

This release includes significant bug fixes and improved Text node support.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2002-12-20

OpenVRML 0.12.5

OpenVRML 0.12.5 is now available.

What's new:

- Updated Microsoft Visual C++ project files are now included.

- Various bug fixes.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2002-11-17

OpenVRML 0.12.3 released

OpenVRML 0.12.3 addresses problems compiling with gcc 2.95.3, icc 6.0 build 020312Z, and Microsoft cl 12.00.8804.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2002-07-01

OpenVRML 0.12.2 released

OpenVRML 0.12.2 includes some minor improvements to the build system, quells some warnings from gcc, and addresses some problems compiling on Solaris.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2002-06-20

OpenVRML 0.12.0 released

After many months, OpenVRML 0.12.0 is finally available.

Posted by Braden McDaniel 2002-06-16

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