I am interesting in build radius support for OpenVpn.

At the moment I'am thinking about what is the best way.

1. Authentification and Authroization:

I think this already works with the plugin pam_radius_auth.so, is that right?

But I am interested in more features,

like to get the ip-address and the routes from the RADIUS-Server.

Can this be done with a plugin? Maybe by creating the configurationfiles at the start of the connection?

Or could this be integrated in the Source Code? I think this would be the best solution.

I hope the fea

2. Accounting:

I need to count the traffic of a VPN-connection, one the side every traffic which goes from a client to the server (tun0-interface) and one the other side every traffic which goes through the VPN, maybe from one client to another client.

So when I use the counter of the tun-interface, I lose the traffic which goes from one client to another. If I count the traffic of the eth-interface I get other traffic, which has nothing to do with the vpn.

Maybe someone has some experiences with this topic and give some hints which is the best way? To do all things in a modul or to do all changes in the source code. and where I have to look in the source code to integrate this feature.

I hope there is a gerneal interest in this feature.

For every help I am very grateful.

Ralf Lübben