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Adito changes name to OpenVPN ALS

Adito team has joined forces with the OpenVPN Technologies Inc. Within a few weeks the project will be renamed as "OpenVPN Application Layer Software (ALS)". Adito will remain a community-driven project assisted by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc's developers.

Note that the project's URL's will change, so please update your bookmarks. More on this later on.

Posted by mattock 2009-05-21

Adito development roadmap updated

The development roadmap for Adito has been updated. Most importantly, Adito 0.9.2 release has been split into several smaller releases and goals for 1.0.0 release have been defined.

For more details, take a look here:

Posted by mattock 2009-04-22

Doxygen-generated code documentation now available

First version of Adito code documentation package is now available as Doxygen-generated HTML. For your convenience pre-generated documentation is available from Adito file releases:

The documentation files take too much space to fit into Sourceforge's project web space (upto 100MB), but an online version will be made available soon on another web server.... read more

Posted by mattock 2009-01-16

Adito is being migrated from Ant to Maven

Svetzal has begun the work on converting Adito's build system from Ant to Maven. The new Maven branch can be downloaded soon from Adito SVN (adito/branches).

If you're familiar with either Ant or Maven (or both), we could definitely use your help with the migration.


Posted by mattock 2008-12-20

Adito: 0.9.1 released

Adito is a web-based SSL VPN server. Adito's is written in Java and has a browser-based AJAX interface. Adito allows easy and safe access to most intranet services with just a web browser. Adito was originally forked from SSL-Explorer.

For more information, take a look here:

Posted by mattock 2008-12-20

Adito 0.9.1 prerelease available

Compiled, executable version of Adito 0.9.1 is now available. Full instructions available here:

Please report your own test results by replying to the thread.

Posted by mattock 2008-12-14

Development of missing SSL-E extensions is being organized

Development of several missing SSL-Explorer Enterprise extensions is currently being organized. This is for you all that are soon forced to migrate away from SSL-Explorer

For direct contact with the participants, visit Adito IRC (#adito at For an overview of the situation and the actual plan, take a look here:

Posted by mattock 2008-12-11

Poll: Which SSL-E extensions you would need

A poll for old SSL-Explorer users has been started here:

Please let us know which essential proprietary SSL-E extensions Adito is currently lacking.

Posted by mattock 2008-12-09

Adito extension store up

Adito extension store is now up. Many thanks to Tim from Obscorp ( for offering this service!

For configuration details take a look at

Posted by mattock 2008-11-30

Adito IRC channel up

Adito now has it's own IRC-channel (#adito) at There you can easily contact other Adito users users and developers for tips, tricks or just chitchat.

Posted by mattock 2008-11-28

Adito discussion forums up

Adito discussion forums have been opened officially. Currently there are three forums:

* "developer" for development discussions
* "help" for getting help installing and using Adito
* "open discussion" for everything else

The mailing list "adito-user" might get replaced by the forums but "adito-devel" will probably stay in use.

Posted by mattock 2008-08-13

Four SSL-Explorer applications converted to Adito

Chuck has converted the putty-portable-ssh, winscp, tn5250j and vnc extensions (actually applications) to Adito. They are currently only available in Adito's SVN repository. To download a extension install the Subversion client and do a

svn co<name-of-the-extension>


svn co read more

Posted by mattock 2008-07-11

Adito 0.9.0 SVG icon set released

The Adito 0.9.0 have been released in their original SVG format. Icon releases won't become a habit, but are necessary for now as SVN is not yet functional. Have fun!

Posted by mattock 2008-05-26

Adito 0.9.0 released

First version of Adito (0.9.0) has been released.


v0.9.0 (25.5.2008):

* Due to trademark issues all references to SSL-Explorer have been replaced with references to Adito. This includes Java variable names.

* Most references to 3sp - with the exception of copyright notices - have been removed.

* User-interface icons, which 3sp had licensed from a third party have been replaced with freely distributable Tango icons and icons derived from them.... read more

Posted by mattock 2008-05-25