Poll: Which SSL-E extensions you would need

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  • mattock

    mattock - 2008-12-09

    SSL-Explorer Enterprise Edition had quite a few proprietary extensions. Currently these are not available for Adito and are in effect preventing some people from using Adito.

    Which of these extensions are showstoppers for you:

    Client Certificates
    Drive Mapping
    Enhanced Active Directory
    IP Authentication
    Key Authentication
    Mail Check
    Network Extensions
    PIN Authentication
    RADIUS Authentication
    Secure Node
    SFTP Network Places
    Virtual Hosts

    • mattock

      mattock - 2008-12-09

      For my employer the LDAP connector is a showstopper. The Adito-PAM module can replace it in small deployments, but not in large ones as it lacks authorization. The Active Directory authentication module could most likely be used as a basis for the LDAP authentication module.

      • Jim G

        Jim G - 2008-12-10

        Drive mapping and Wake-On-LAN are two that we used.  I don't think WOL is that hard, once I get my installation worked out I'll see if I can figure out how to build an extension.

    • mattock

      mattock - 2008-12-09

      Btw. feel free to contact me personally via email (mattock@users.sourceforge.net) if you don't have Sourceforge account already.

    • nodch

      nodch - 2008-12-09

      Network Extensions and Radius Authentication would be a huge step for customers of my company towards Adito. Almost all Token based authentication methods use Radius in the background and this would be a big security improvement as it would be available. The Network Extension is just a lazy one for the admins, a one for all extension you may call it. ;)

    • Vincent Keunen

      Vincent Keunen - 2008-12-09


      I hope you don't mind the plug here, but I'd like other members of the forum to be aware that our company, Manex (http://www.manex.biz), a small software development company located in Belgium with a high expertise in security, is available to develop needed extensions.

      We'd love to commit resources ourselves to the project, but being small, we have to stay cautious.  However, if some companies have a need for custom development (further development of Adito or of extensions) and have a budget for that, we would be more than happy to work for them.

      Obviously, it would be good if the developed code would be offered to the community, but we also understand that some paying clients would not like that - so this is also an option, provided the licenses are respected of course.

      Please contact me if needed: vincent.keunen@manex.biz


    • Giraffe

      Giraffe - 2008-12-09

      We have one client who currently uses Webfolders extensively. Drive mapping would be a significant improvement to their way of working.

    • mattock

      mattock - 2008-12-09

      I'd love if the network places extension was OS-agnostic. Actually my company tested Apache mod_dav + SSL-E agent combination a year or so ago. Worked quite nicely on all platforms but Windows, which has a really half-assed WebDAV implementation in Explorer. Perhaps an external WebDAV plugin to Windows Explorer would do the trick (see http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.2/svn.webdav.clients.html\). This setup would have some limitations, but offer at least basic level of functionality.

    • mattock

      mattock - 2008-12-11

      Jimmyray7, do you run/work for a company that has to choose between Adito/Barracuda SSL VPN/something else?

    • mattock

      mattock - 2008-12-11

      Nodch, how about you? Do you have to choose between Adito and Barracuda? There's already another company that needs Radius authentication. See this new wiki page:


      • Nicholas Basham

        Nicholas Basham - 2008-12-12

        I have SSL-Explorer running for family and frieds to use.  Drive mapping and LDAP are the biggest two I use (I love using drive mapping in conjunction with KeePass).  I know RADIUS is a big one that some companies use and would like to play with it in the future.  I didn't see it listed, but I would like to see the virtual hosts extension as well.  I started to use it, but I had problems with getting it to work correctly with a lot of my LAMP apps (but that could have just been me).  The concept was nice for companies that only had one IP and multiple web based SSL apps.

        Thanks for all the hard work everyone is putting into this.  I'll keep my eye open to see if there's anything I can give to the project.

    • nodch

      nodch - 2008-12-11

      Actually I am working for such kind of  company. We are evaluating other SSL VPN vendors for our customers to grant radius authentification. As for Barracuda, they only support Radius authentication in the biggest of their three appliances that they have available. Other vendors have Radius auth. in every appliance. Our customers moved to SSL explorer because it was VMWare based and they did not have to buy hardware appliances as they have running VM infrastuctures. Because of this, Barracuda is not the best solution, at least if you are forced to buy a hardware appliance.

    • mattock

      mattock - 2008-12-12

      Nodch, you should hang around in the Adito IRC. There have been really interesting development regarding the Enterprise extensions and Adito in general. We might see a snowball effect regarding Adito development.

    • mattock

      mattock - 2008-12-12

      Hi, Nicholas!

      there are several easy ways to help the project, even if you're a home user:

      - spread the word (write articles, blog about Adito etc.)
      - test new releases before they are released :)
      - report bugs
      - help others in the forums (and mailinglists)


      Could you help test the LDAP and drive mapping extensions when they're ready?

      • Nicholas Basham

        Nicholas Basham - 2008-12-13


        I'd love to test the LDAP and drive mapping extensions when they're ready. I'll keep an eye out and help out in the ways you suggested.

    • Mark Harre

      Mark Harre - 2008-12-14

      Our company was also evaluating SSL-E before it was sold off. The extension that we were most interested in was "Network Extensions" for full network access via a SSL VPN.  As a short term solution we have brought a cheap Netgear SSL312 which includes this functionality (they call it a network tunnel) but lacks a reverse proxy for access to a intranet web app - our second requirement. Barracuda seems a little pricey and in the long term I would prefer a VM appliance rather than a hardware box simply because we save on the hardware costs and can easily setup a backup server for redundancy.  I will follow this project development with interest as I think it has a lot of potential and would be happy to help out with testing if needed.


    • mattock

      mattock - 2008-12-15

      Mark, good that you found a short-term solution with Netgear. You should definitely take a look at this wiki page once in a while:


      If you want to help now, you could test the Adito 0.9.1 prerelease on a Windows box. If you have one, that is. See this thread for more information:


    • Sebastiano Pilla

      The only one I use every day is the "Network Extension", with it I can be on my own network and on another one at the same time and flawlessly.

      I'm afraid however that there's not much Java code into it... If it's C or C++ is out of my expertise.

    • OrangePeelBeef

      OrangePeelBeef - 2008-12-31

      to fully replace my other vpn's I need the network extensions, (traditional vpn tunnel) 

      is anyone working on that?

    • Javier Perez

      Javier Perez - 2009-01-05

      Drive Mapping would be a success.

      How i can contribute to translate to other languages?


    • mattock

      mattock - 2009-01-05

      OrangePeelBeef, there are plans for nEXT, but nothing concrete yet.


      Zubber, take a look these:


      I strongly suggest using OmegaT for the work, just translating the strings with a text editor makes maintaining the translation a nightmare. Could pop by in Adito IRC (#adito at irc.freenode.net) and we can discuss this in more detail?

      Btw. Which language are you translating Adito into?


      • Javier Perez

        Javier Perez - 2009-01-09

        Spanish. I'm from Barcelona.

    • Andy Pastuszak

      Andy Pastuszak - 2009-01-05

      Though not on your list, I'm still running SSL explorer because of the Putty extension.  I use Putty to command line back to my Ubuntu box at home and run screen and kick off large downloads.

    • nodch

      nodch - 2009-01-05

      Putty is available in adito!

      • gekkos

        gekkos - 2009-01-06

        We really love it.
        Many thanks,

        LDAP LDAP LDAP !!!
        Mail Check
        Drive Mapping

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