#2 gtk-sharp problem in make.


I use ./configure PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/gtk-sharp-
2.0/ it compiles finds C#. I then run make, and I
get an error after about 5 seconds saying it can not
find GTK-Sharp.

Why does the configure option not remember the path
to gtk-sharp-2.0.pc? Am I doing something wrong?
This is on a fedora core 4 fresh install. I have
mono installed also.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    sorry meant to add my email also mzauher@ gmail dot com

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    ok I figured out that problem, now when I install I get
    error CS0234 The type or namespace name 'Syscall' does not
    exist in the namespace 'Mono.Unix' are you missing an
    assembly reference

  • Reiner Jung

    Reiner Jung - 2006-03-09
    • assigned_to: nobody --> everaldo
  • Everaldo Canuto

    Everaldo Canuto - 2006-03-09
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  • Everaldo Canuto

    Everaldo Canuto - 2006-03-09

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    I need some information to find a solution to your problem:

    1. What verison of gtk-sharp you use? Instaled from sources
    or RPM? If from sources where you install it?

    2. You are trying to compile OpenVPN-Admin from 1.9.2
    sources or SVN?

    3. What Mono version you use?


  • Everaldo Canuto

    Everaldo Canuto - 2006-03-10
    • status: pending --> open
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Hi everaldo!

    Thanks for the help, I am using Fedora Core 4, Mono, gtk-sharp-2.8.2 from source, and open admin
    1.9.2 from source.

    All installs were done using ./configure and using the
    default install locations.

    Is there any other information I can help you with to
    better get this problem fixed? Thanks again for your help.

    The full error during make is:

    ./Configuration.cs(463,4): error CS0234: The type or
    namespace name 'Syscall' does not exist in the
    namespace 'Mono.Unix'. Are you missing an assembly
    reference? Compilation failed:

  • overflow

    overflow - 2006-03-10

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    Well I am not sure if this is how I should have fixed it,
    but none the less I fixed it myself. (This is the OP btw,
    forgot to login).

    Basically I went into src/Configuration.cs and changed

    // Only for Mono after 1.9.1 releases.
    Mono.Unix.Syscall.kill(pid, Mono.Unix.Signum.SIGKILL);


    // Only for Mono after 1.9.1 releases.
    //Mono.Unix.Syscall.kill(pid, Mono.Unix.Signum.SIGKILL);

    and it compiled.

    Thanks for looking into it, I just figured I would poke
    around myself, not a programmer, but know enough to look
    hehe. Thanks again.

  • Reiner Jung

    Reiner Jung - 2006-03-13

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    thank you for the report.It is also fixed in upcomming release.


  • Reiner Jung

    Reiner Jung - 2006-03-13
    • status: open --> closed

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