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OpenVPN-Admin 1.9.4 released

OpenVPN-Admin 1.9.4 released, this is a small list of new features on this release:

* Support for auth-user-pass, thanks for Rackspace.
* Every windows shows in taskbar.
* Reconnect button.
* Translations improved.
* Win32 installer updated.
* A lot of bug fixes, most of reported in SourceForge.

Posted by Everaldo Canuto 2006-12-05

OpenVPN-Admin 1.9.3 rpm's (aka 2.0-RC1)

We released today the 1.9.3 rpm packages from OpenVPN-Admin. Sorry for the delay.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2006-04-23

OpenVPN-Admin 1.9.3 (aka 2.0-RC1) released

OpenVPN-Admin 1.9.3 (OpenVPN-Admin 2.0-RC1) includes several fixes and the Windows Package includes OpenVPN 2.0.7. It is strongly recommanded for Windows users to update to this release for security bugfix.

Fedora/RedHat Packages will be ready in the next 2 days

Nokia 770 port will be ready with 1.9.4.

Thank you for translations and bug reports.
The BananaCrew

* OpenVPN-Admin start now only with tray icon and not with full screen.
* Windows package includes now 2.0.7 from OpenVPN
* In Certificate Management the Certificate details will show, like Name, Email, City, Expiration Date ...
* Proxy support now Authentication and Auth Method
* Fixes for Mono 1.1.13
* Fix problems related to Ubuntu Dapper
* Fix certificate selection on Windows and Linux. Now not full path is added
* Fix certificate creation on Windows
* Certificates with password protection fixed on Windows and Linux
* Add Type Server to OpenVPN-Admin
* Translation for Brazilian-Portuguese and German improved
* Some other know and unknown bugs are fixed
* Update Swedish lang file.
* Apply patch 1391344.
* Add translation for Hungary.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2006-04-17

OpenVPN-Admin for Debian/Ubuntu

OpenVPN-Admin Beta packages for Debian/Ubuntu are available for download from out Sourceforge project page.

Thank you to the OpenVPN-Admin, Debian/Ubuntu maintainer wormikky

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-12-28

OpenVPN Admin 2.0 Beta (aka 1.9.2) released

OpenVPN-Admin 1.9.2 hit the street.

Thank you for the patches and for the bug reports. Most problems should be fixed with this release.

* Localization improved.
* Many bugs are fixed.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-12-19

OpenVPN Admin 2.0 Beta (aka 1.9.1) released

This is a BETA release from OpenVPN-Admin 2. Please help us to test it and when you found a problem report it to the SF bug tracker.

New in this release:

* Main tab splited in Main and Options.
* New tabs Network and security.
* Lock file, now you can lock configuration changes by create <config>.lock
* Certificate Managment now have a button add.
* New properties: persist-local-ip, persist-remote-ip and show-net-up under
Options tab.
* New properties: lport and rport under Main tab.
* New properties: auth, cypher, ns-cert-type, chroot ans tls-remote under
Security tab.
* New properties: route-gateway, route, route-delay, mssfix, shaper, inactive,
dhcp-option, tun-mtu, tun-mtu-extra, ping-exit and mute under Network tab.
* Translation for Swedish added

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-11-22

OpenVPN Admin 1.1.5 released!

New in this release:

* Windows instaler improved.
* Translations to Spanish, Portuguese and Deutsch
* TrayIcon system improved.
* Log view fixed.
* A lot of minor bug fixes.
* RPM dependencies fixed.

Posted by Everaldo Canuto 2005-11-17

Win32 installer updated

Win32 installer updated with last OpenVPN, relase 2.0.5
This new relase theres a lot of bug and security fixes.

Posted by Everaldo Canuto 2005-11-14

Language file for translation available

OpenVPN-Admin 1.1.5 will support different languages. Under
translation are at the moment the follow languages.

* Portuguese
* German
* Maltese
* Swedisch
* French
* Spanisch
* Dutch

When you want help to translate OpenVPN-Admin to other languages, you can found the lang file in the package or send
a mail to the developers. After translation add it please as a patch to the SF page. Under Linux you can use gtranslator for translation. After you have downloaded the file, please rename it as to your translation language xx.po.... read more

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-11-09

OpenVPN Admin 1.1.4 released

This release includes:

* New Windows theme engine, more nice.
* A lot of interface changes to more GNOME HIG compliant.
* Project name and files changed from "ovpnadmin" to "openvpn-admin".
* Internal structure change to support more platforms.
* Capable to run on Nokia 770 (not tested on real device).
* Update Windows installer to use last OpenVPN packages.
* Support for internationalization with partial pt_BR.
* System tray icon.
* A lot of minor bug fixes.... read more

Posted by Everaldo Canuto 2005-11-08

First screenshot from OpenVPN-Admin on 770

We have added a first screenshot from the development from OpenVPN for Nokia 770. This development is sponsored from Topalis.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-11-06

OpenVPN-Admin for Nokia 770 coming soon

We work on a port from OpenVPN-Admin for Nokia 770.
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet on which Mono runs. More informations about Nokia 770 you can found at,1522,,00.html?orig=/770

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-10-30

OpenVPN-Admin Roadmap

The follow development steps are planned until now

OvpnAdmin 1.1.4: New UI and bugfixes

OvpnAdmin 1.1.5: Internatinalisation from UI.
Initial planned languages are. English, German, Swedish, Maltese, Portuguese, Dutch, Philipines, French, Spanish

OvpnAdmin 2.0.0: Ovpn 2.0 is the former planned 1.2 release. More parameters can be configured with the UI.

OvpnAdmin 2.0.1: Bugfix release.

OvpnAdmin 2.1.0: Support for PKS12 and PKS11

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-10-30

OpenVPN preview screenshots for upcomming release

In the screenshot section we add two new screenshots from the upcomming OpenVPN-Admin 1.1.4 release.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-10-30

OpenVPN Admin 1.1.3 released

This is a updated release for Linux, now works with gtk# 2.0 (>=2.3.91),.new build system based on autotools, some small bug fixes and a support for empty passwords in certificate wizard.

This release makes some source code reorganization to help on next release that will have new features.

Posted by Everaldo Canuto 2005-10-20

OpenVPN Admin 1.2

OpenVPN Admin 1.2 is under development and it should hit the street in the next 4 weeks. We add a lot of extension to the GUI and known bugs will be also closed.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-10-19

Forum and User Lists added

wow, we simple forget to enable the forums and users lists. I have done it today. Sorry when you can't leave us a message in the past.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-05-24