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  • LordMatanza

    LordMatanza - 2007-10-13

    I have installed openvpn-admin on a Fedora 7 machine.
    I want to start it from my user account, but when I try to connect to a server I get an error.
    The error is because my user account doesn't have privileges to write to the folders openvpn-admin uses, like /var/log/openvpn and /var/run.
    When I start the program as root I can connect and everything works.
    So my problem is that it needs root privileges and even with sudo I get the error.
    Do you have an alternative besides logging in as root and then start openvpn-admin?

    • Everaldo Canuto

      Everaldo Canuto - 2007-10-13


      Have you installed using RPM?

      Normally (tested in Fedora 5 and 6) the rpm take care to ask about password. If you installed from sources maybe the problem  is that the scripts prefix must be in /usr and not in /usr/local. Anyway, I haven't tested it on fedora 7 so maybe some changes is needed, and I would like to have you feedback to help me get it properly done for fedora 7.


    • LordMatanza

      LordMatanza - 2007-10-14

      I have installed it using the RPM.
      When I first installed it, I had to change something, the /usr/sbin/openvpn-admin file had this in it:
      'exec /home/usr/bin/mono /usr/lib/openvpn-admin/openvpn-admin.exe $MONO_EXTRA_ARGS "S@" &'
      I had to remove the '/home' from this line to make it run.
      After this change I have 2 options:
      1. Start /usr/bin/openvpn-admin which gives me an unknown error
      2. Start /usr/sbin/openvpn-admin which does start, even as a regular user, but I can't make the connection, because it gives the error on connect.
      Either way, in neither of the above options I get a question for the root password.

      • Everaldo Canuto

        Everaldo Canuto - 2007-10-14


        So, looks like something changed for fedora 7. I must install a fedora 7 VirualMachine to see what happens, unfortunately I cant do it on next two weeks (maybe I can found some time) so a help will appreciated if someone know a solution.

        In other Fedora systems normally a root password is prompted.

        I am downloading and Fedora 7 ISO, when I finish I will made a rpm to you and you can test. Please ping me again if I don't send you an new rpm on next 4 days. (


    • Everaldo Canuto

      Everaldo Canuto - 2007-11-17

      Hey all,

      I also noticed that same happens in Fedora 8.
      I am downloading it to make a Virtual Machine and I hope to have it fixed next week, if someone know what was changed on last releases of Fedora (7,8) please let me know.

      Also I hope to have new release in December 10th.



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