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OVID 1.1.2 Released

We are pleased to announce OVID 1.1.2 has been released. We would like to offer our thanks and appreciation to the MITRE Corporation who worked with OpenVista and OVID as a part of their research, and generously contributed their changes back to the community.

Highlights of the updates in this release are available here:

Posted by Ben Mehling 2011-05-31

OpenVista Server SP5 and SP6 Released

Two Service Packs released simultaneously due to run up of MU certification and CareVue Beta testing program. Apologies for bundling them together.

You can download the releases as either KIDS builds (for upgrading existing installations) or as full databases (for new installs) from our downloads page.

Please review the changes in the NEWS file:

Posted by Ben Mehling 2011-05-31

OVID 1.1 Released

We are happy to announce the latest version of OVID has been released into open source -- binaries and source repository are available from the project homepage[1] and on[2].

This release brings significant refactoring of project structure and methods in order to improve authentication, connection management, logging, and more. Additional OVID domains have been added and existing ones updated. Finally, this release also brings a community requested change to the license -- OVID 1.1 is now available under the LGPL license.... read more

Posted by Ben Mehling 2011-03-01

Recent Releases

We have recently rolled out a number of releases in several of our projects -- given the number of releases, we felt a site wide announcement was warranted.

OpenVista CIS RC2
* 0.9.96 includes corrections and enhancements
* Performance improvements
* Binaries and source available, as well as in the open repository

OpenVista Server 1.5 SP2
* Service Pack 2 includes a number corrections and enhancements
* OVID, GT.M Integration patches included by default
* Based on community feedback and the shared coreVistA project, core modules are now licensed under LGPL
* Cache.dat, GT.M imports and KIDS builds are all available... read more

Posted by Ben Mehling 2009-08-30

Updated open source releases within OpenVista project

Medsphere today announced the release of open source code for recently developed components of the comprehensive OpenVista electronic health record (EHR) solution. Medsphere’s open source release, now available for download at, includes the OpenVista Interface Domain (OVID), the OpenVista Clinical Information System (CIS) 1.0RC1, and OpenVista Server 1.5SP1.

More details are available at and specifically here:

Posted by Ben Mehling 2009-04-09

More OpenVista Updates


- CIS: 0.9.2
- Appliance: Release 2 (includes updated CIS)
- GTK Windows Installer: 2.8.3-8

Posted by Ben Mehling 2007-06-16

OpenVista Project Updates

Just a quick note to announce some updates to the OpenVista project. Over the weekend the team posted some new releases on the project site.

- OpenVista CIS has been updated to 0.9.1. The changes are listed in the NEWS file of the downloads, as well as the CHANGES section of the release notes.

- Accordingly, the Gtk# runtime and sources have been updated. Please note the IMPORTANT versioning scheme changes which you can read about via If you're running CIS on Windows, be certain you uninstall the older Gtk# libraries and install the latest. ... read more

Posted by Ben Mehling 2007-05-14

Join the Revolution

Preventable medical errors are estimated to kill 98,000 people annually. They cost hospitals $29 billion annually. Lack of automation is a critical factor in these errors.

Less than ten percent of private sector hospitals use an electronic health record. Many healthcare organizations are forced to use manual systems. That means higher costs and limited interoperability.

In 1979, a group of underground developers (the hardhats) worked to build a software solution for the VA on the "underground railroad". Three years later, the VA officially sanctioned the project and the resulting VistA EHR set the stage for a revolution.... read more

Posted by Ben Mehling 2007-02-26