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Basic Functions

Hello, i've been working on the basic functions por Serial Port.
Now i'm going to test it and begin with Gpib.
Serial implemented:
GPIB working on:
I will upload the code soon.


Posted by jorge lopez 2005-04-21

Little Steps

Hello. Not a lot of news. Internal Object Oriented Design for the VISA library has been thrown away. Does not compensate the waste of time, as the library is well designed and with the specifications of it's enough to get strong stability and correctness.
Implemented Functions for general purpose and Serial at this time:
Working on Serial versions of:
-same functions for GPIB

Posted by jorge lopez 2005-04-09

Start of the project

Hello, the project has just begun!
I've been writing a small part of the library this weekend. I've decided to program it with c++, even if after it's going to be a library without objects because it's easier and faster for me.
The two objectives of the project are now Serial Port and Gpib interfaces. I'm not going to upload any code until it is more advanced, only if there may be someone out there interested.
Working on:
- viOpenDefaultRM
- viSetAttribute
- viGetAttribute
- viOpen
- viWrite... read more

Posted by jorge lopez 2005-04-03