Lofi Dewanto - 2003-12-18

Hi All,

I'm very happy to announce that Freestyle Learning (FSL) and
OpenUSS will merge into the same SourceForge project!!!

Therefore you can see at http://sourceforge.net/projects/openuss
that all the descriptions of the project were changed into:
"Freestyle Learning (FSL) and Open University Support System (OpenUSS)
are specifications for Learning Content System (LCS) and Learning
Management System (LMS). They provide J2SE, J2ME and J2EE reference
implementations on those specifications."

The reason why we are doing this:
- By merging both projects we hope to get more momentum from the
- Easier to maintain!

This does not mean that each projects will loose their personality.
OpenUSS will still available seperately from FSL and vice versa.

Mirko Wahn (current chief architect of FSL) and I will work together
to put everything together in this page. What we've done until now:
- Adding and seperating all the mailinglists and discussion forums.
  We now have two kinds of mailinglists and forums. One for OpenUSS
  and one for FSL.

- Adding and seperating all the trackers. We now have 2 categories
  in each trackers (bug, support, feature): OpenUSS and FSL.
  I already changed every single tracker items from "old" OpenUSS to get
  the new category of "OpenUSS". For this reason, many of you would get
  a lot of notification emails from OpenUSS SF.net. Sorry for this
  inconvinient spams  Indeed, this is very important for us, so
  we can browse all the tracker items for OpenUSS and FSL seperately.

What we'll do until Friday:
- Import the sourcecode of FSL into a new CVS modul: fsl.
- Add some FSL packages for the file release system.
- Also add the website (the static part of the homepage)
  of FSL into the homepage part at the SF.net. The homepage of
  OpenUSS will stay as it is, only we will add a "start
  page", in which you can choose between OpenUSS or FSL.
  Also the homepage of FSL will stay as today
  (http://www.freestyle-learning.de), only we would like to
  give a same structure as OpenUSS homepage. Of course
  using the FSL look&feel!


Any helps from community are very welcome!!!
Blasius Lofi Dewanto
OpenUSS - Open University Support System
E-Mail   : dewanto@uni-muenster.de
ICQ      : 39343280